Ideal for reading three-colour microarrays with the resolution of a 20x microscope

Combining ultra-high resolution and high-level automation, the InnoScan 1100 AL is perfect for fast, whole slide imaging. With three excitation wavelengths, it is ideal for reading cell microarrays as well as classic three-colour microarrays.

Ultra high resolution imaging

Characterized by its ease of use, performance and versatility, the InnoScan 1100 AL is the ideal tool for cell microarrays as well as three colour microarrays.

High quality images: With a resolution of up to 0.5µm/pixel or a 20x objective equivalent, the InnoScan 1100 AL has the highest resolution on the market. With a real time autofocus system and confocal PMT detection, the InnoScan 1100 AL provides high-quality images for detailed analysis of your microarrays.

Easy automation: Provided with a user-friendly image acquisition software and 24-slide autoloader, the InnoScan 1100 AL achieves fully automated scanning of 24 slides at a time.

Multiplexed whole slide imaging: The InnoScan 1100 AL is compatible with any microscope slide of various substrates: cells, tissue, proteins, DNA, glycans, peptides and others. Three excitation channels provides for more multiplexing , allowing for the analysis of several samples or markers on the same slide.

Innoscan 1100AL technology

The InnoScan 1100 AL is a confocal scanner equipped with 3 excitation lasers (488, 532 and 635nm) coupled with 3 extremely sensitive photomultiplier tubes (PMT) for whole-slide image acquisition. The PMTs are linear over the entire dynamic range (from 1% to 100%) so the PMT gain is easily set for optimal fluorescence levels avoiding saturation.

The InnoScan 1100 AL has the highest resolution on the market (up to 0.5µm/pixel). Thanks to real-time autofocus system, the effect of substrate deformation is eliminated, giving perfect homogeneity across the entire reading surface.


InnoScan scanners are industry renowned for their excellent photometric properties, particularly in terms of sensitivity and signal-to-noise ratio.


The XDR mode (Extended Dynamic Range), provides a 6 log dynamic range maximising low signal detection whilst avoiding saturated spots.

Innoscan 1100AL technical specifications


0.5-40 µm/pixel

Excitation wavelength

488nm 532nm 635nm

Compatible fluorophores

488nm: Cy2, Alexa488, FITC

532 nm : Cy3, Alexa 546, Alexa 555, Sytox orange

635 nm : Cy5, Alexa 647, Alexa 660, Draq5

Compatible slides

Standard microscope slides norm ISO 8037-1

25-26 x 75-76 mm2 / 1” x 3” ; thickness: 0.9 - 1.2 mm

Maximal scan area

22 x 74 mm2


Automatic or manual


Analog PMT confocal detection

PMT gain

Linear from 0 to 100 % (step 0.1 from 0.1 to 1% and 1 from 1 to 100%)

Scanning mode

Simultaneous or sequential

Scanning speed

20 to 35 lines/sec. (25 lines/sec. max for 0.5µm pixel size)

Scanning time

3.5 minutes to scan a whole slide at a 10 µm/pixel and 3 colors

10.5 min. for an area of 22 x 22 mm2 at 1 µm/pixel and 3 colors


33 x 66 x 44 cm3 (13” x 26” x 17.3”)


35 Kg (77.16lbs)



Barcode scanner


Image processing software


Image file format

16-bit and 20-bit TIFF

Applications of Innoscan 1100AL

The InnoScan 1100 AL is the ideal tool for fast and automated whole-slide imaging:

  • Cell Microarrays: MicroEnvironment arrays, peptide/HLA microarrays, reverse transfection arrays…
  • Tissue Immunofluorescence
  • Three color microarrays
  • High density microarrays


In the following application fields:

  • Cell and tissue imaging Food Industry
  • Glycomics: glycan arrays Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Proteomics: peptide arrays
  • Biomarkers and disease stratification